If you thought you were having a bad day, at least you're not this guy.

A New York man was certainly surprised to find a snake in the bathtub in his apartment. But when he reached for the snake to dispose of it, the slithery reptile had its own ideas. The resulting bite lead the man to call the authorities for help.

New York state is home to seventeen species of snakes, though a majority are not venomous. According to SUNY ESF, the most common and widespread snakes in New York are the garter snake and the water snake.

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However, the type of snake that was encountered by the man who was bitten is not native to the state.

New York City Man Bitten By Snake He Found in His Bathtub

ABC NY reports that a Brooklyn man found a small corn snake resting in his bathtub Wednesday morning. But when the man went to pick up the snake to flush it down the toilet, the reptile, described as approximately 24 to 30 inches long, bit the man on his index finger.

Emergency units showed up to tend to the man, and then brought the animal to Animal Care and Control in Queens. Both the man and the scaly bathtub intruder are expected to be fine.

Is This Species of Snake Legal to Own As a Pet in New York? 

The fact that the species is not native indicates it was probably someone's pet, or the offspring of a pet snake. Luckily, this particular species of snake is not venomous.

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says that residents can own a snake as a pet as long as they are non-venomous and not native to New York.

Exotic pet laws are even more restrictive once you enter New York City. Though Thrillist says that while not all snakes are considered illegal in NYC, many of them are. Some illegal ones include; vipers, cobras, pythons, and anacondas.

However, species king snakes, corn snakes, and milk snakes are allowed.

Are Corn/Red Rat Snakes Found in New York State? 

The Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute says that corn snakes (or red rat snakes) are not native to New York state, though they can be found on other parts of the Eastern Seaboard.

The species is mainly found in the eastern United States from southern New Jersey to Florida, into Louisiana and parts of Kentucky. Corn snakes are usually found in "wooded groves, rocky hillsides, meadowlands, woodlots, rocky open areas, tropical hammocks, barns and abandoned buildings", according to The Smithsonian.

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