In one of the few NFL related stories that doesn't involve "taking a knee", New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is once again attracted attention.

Some are saying it's for all the wrong reasons. But is it really that big of a deal?

The Giants' colorful and often controversial player (who stated before the season that he should be the league's top paid player), pissed off a few folks by "pissing" on them. Well, not literally...but the 24 year-old Beckham Jr. pretended to be a dog by lifting his leg and pretending to urinate on the field after a touchdown during Sunday's game against the Eagles.

Beckham Jr. met with Giants co-owner John Mara Wednesday. The NY Daily News says that Mara was not happy with Beckham Jr.'s antics and told him “we intend to deal with it internally.”

Beckham remains unfazed. Basically he's sorry he got caught, but not sorry for the act. Is he worth 5 years and $100 million?

This just adds to the list of controversy from Beckham Jr. He's been suspended for fighting, banged his head against against a garage door out of frustration, punched holes in the wall in locker rooms, and even fought a kicking net (and lost).

Plus, there's the whole "boat gate" fiasco before last season's playoff game, and also supposedly losing a $25 thousand dollar ring in a strip club. Oops.

Is it overreaction? Is the No Fun League once again showing it's true colors? Or are people just really get sick and tired of athletes like him and their decisions? So far, head coach Ben McAdoo won't comment on the incident.