A film named Poughkeepsie has been accepted at a film festival and will debut this July.

The movie is directed by Joe Kelly and tells the story of Gary Dawes, an aging Alzheimer's patient. Dawes finds out that he can actually relive moments from his memories and change their outcome. The film is classified as science fiction, but has a very dramatic side to it as well.

In the short film, the lead character is on a quest to fix the sins of his past before his health fails him. According to the producers, "It’s a story about loss, love, and how small moments of kindness can have repercussions across time and space."

While the movie is called Poughkeepsie it, sadly, wasn't made anywhere near the Hudson Valley. The short movie was filmed entirely in Nassau County.

Here's a look at the official trailer:

Poughkeepsie will debut at the Long Island Film Festival on July 15. You can find out more details on the festival's website.

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