Hudson Valley commuters were delayed by a disturbing road hazard last week.

A shirtless man stopped traffic on a busy road in Poughkeepsie, apparently trying to pick a fight with vehicles. That's right, the man seemed to be yelling at cars, not the people in them.

The strange sight is just one of a series of incidents that happened on Main Street in Poughkeepsie last week. We shared video of another traffic delay that was caused by a street fight. The altercation was only briefly interrupted when a Loop Bus drove through the battling duo.

This incident only involved one person; a man clearly upset about something. What he's angry about is anyone's guess. A video was taken by Julio Angel Cruz Sr. and posted to Facebook last week. Comments from other Facebook users seem to suggest that this person is known for causing a scene.

If you happen to be driving on Main Street in Pougheepsie and see a shirtless man yelling and screaming, the best thing you can do is lock your doors and keep driving. Of course, if you happen to get some interesting video you can share it with us through the free WPDH mobile app. Just be careful out there.

Bonus Video: