A fight between two men on Main Street became even more dangerous when a Loop Bus got involved.

The violent scene was caught on camera by Facebook user, Felicia Lynn Griffin. According to the video description, the altercation happened on Monday morning on Main Street in the City of Poughkeepsie.

It's not clear what the two men were arguing about, but things escalated quickly as punches were thrown right in the middle of the street. Right on cue, a Loop Bus barrels down the street headed directly into the middle of the fight.

Not wanting to get run over, the fighters call a temporary truce as the bus rolls through. But the timeout is short lived. The fighting picks up again as quickly as it ended as one man flies through the air, tackling the other down to the sidewalk,

According to comments left under the video this may not be an isolated incident. Some Facebook users claim that one of the fighters has been seen in fisticuffs with other people in the City of Poughkeepsie over the past few days. We're not sure what his beef is, but if you happen to run into him you may want to watch out. And if you do get pulled into a fight, make sure it's near a bus stop, because it looks like this street fighter's kryptonite may just be public transportation.