As temperatures are expected to reach record highs this coming week in the Hudson Valley, residents will be looking for the best places to cool down. Of course, there are the usual spots like air-conditioned movie theaters and malls, but if you want to still enjoy the sun without completely melting, we have a tip for you.

Hudson Valley Ice Caves

One of the most well-known hikes for a hot summer day is the ice caves at Sam's Point.

Sam's Point is a hike located in Ulster County's Lake Minnewaska Preserve. If you venture to Sam's Point, you'll find the almighty ice cave crevasses. These ice caves run at a comfortable 55 degrees Fahrenheit, even during the peak of summer heat according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Hidden Gem Ice Cave in Rosendale

While many know about the ice caves at Sam's Point, there's another spot in Ulster County where you can catch a similar refreshing breeze.

If you head into Rosendale and park over by the Binnewater Parking Lot for the Walkill section of the Rail Trail, you'll find a smaller, but equally as refreshing spot. The refreshing "natural AC" is coming from a large crevasse formed by the collapse of the former Rosendale mine shaft.

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In the late 1800s, Rosendale was the place to be for mining materials like natural cement.


According to the Wallkill Valley Land Trust, in 1899, a tragic miscalculation led to the collapse of the mines in Joppenberg Mountain. While the mines are completely destroyed and were never used again, visitors today benefit from the once-empty mines.

Today, rainwater collects in the remaining empty pockets of the mines and freezes over in the winter. Since the caves don't get any sunlight inside, the interior empty pockets remain cold year-round, creating the cool breeze you feel when walking by.

You can find the refreshing spot by parking at the Binnewater Parking Area in Rosendale.

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Cross the street and follow the trail that leads you to the Rosendale Trestle along the Rail Trail. A couple of yards before the Train Trestle, you'll be visited by a crisp breeze that is sure to cool you down quickly!

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