A Hudson Valley congressman wants everyone to see just what happened on Wednesday at the nation's capital.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney was inside the capitol building attending to the business of certifying the 2020 election when an angry mob stormed past police and breached the secure zone. It's something that seemed unthinkable, and many who were watching from home were horrified that such a brazen attack on our democracy could happen. And while seeing things from afar was terrifying enough, imagine actually being there.

Video and images of the attack were shared by Maloney on Wednesday night that shows just how dangerous the situation was for him and other elected officials.

In one video you can hear a security officer warn congress that teargas had been deployed and shared instructions on the emergency procedure as the mob attempts to enter the rotunda.

Please be advised there are masks under your seats. Please grab a mask, place it in your lap and be prepared to don your mask in the event we have a breach.

Eventually, congressmen and women were rushed to safety. Along the way, Maloney was able to snap some photos that show doors being secured with whatever happened to be lying around.


One image shows chairs piled on top of furniture, like in some sort of movie. Another photo was taken just feet away from officers defending the chamber. Security detail can be seen with guns drawn at the door, in anticipation of the mob that was headed inside.


Luckily, Maloney and other elected officials were kept safe and returned to the capitol building later in the evening to complete their work. While our democracy survives this attack to live another day, these images will remain as a sober reminder of just how fragile it is.

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