April 19. It was on April 19 back in 2012 that the music industry lost a real treasure. That was the day we lost Levon Helm. And as sad as that was, many felt lucky to have Levon around as long as we did. You see, Levon was diagnosed with cancer years before. And not only did he survive, he thrived. He went on to make albums and win grammys, and play at his famous Midnight Rambles at his barn in Woodstock.

Levon Helm was probably best known with his work with The Band. One of the best bands in rock and roll history, in my opinion. He was an amazing musician. A multi-instrumentalist, a singer, a songwriter, an actor, and a hell of a nice guy.

My own personal history with Levon? Much more memorable to me than to him, I’m sure. I got to meet Levon a few times at the radio station when The Band would come in for interviews before their shows at The Chance. They were all gracious and humble, and seemingly unaware of their talent and their fame. And once when he was playing at Dutchess Stadium, he remembered me (or pretended to), and after I introduced him to my boyfriend Bobby, he introduced us to fellow musician Corky Lang as if we’d been long time friends. I think he even referred to us as his friends Robyn and Bobby. I will never forget it.

I felt very fortunate to have seen Levon the year before he passed away. It was a birthday concert at UPAC in Kingston. It was a star studded birthday celebration, and Levon seemed so happy to be there.

Levon Helm’s legacy lives on through his music, and through the Rambles at The Barn in Woodstock. Levon’s daughter Amy is a also a great musician with a band of her own, and plays the Hudson Valley area often. Levon Helm touched everyone who met him, and many more through his music. He will live forever in our hearts and happily, in our ears.

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