Oh my! A sign out front of the building on the corner of Cottage and Smith Streets reads Pure Pleasure.

Each day when I'm driving into work, I pass by a building on the corner of Cottage St. and Smith St. in the City of Poughkeepsie and I've been trying to figure out exactly what type of business is occupying the spot.

The physical address of the place is 70 Cottage St. I had remembered previously, that the building had been occupied by a Caribbean restaurant called Island Hut. The sign out front was removed though at some point last year, and replaced by something else.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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Island Hut was there for a number of years at 70 Cottage St. and eventually closed down. I noticed a new sign up recently that reads Pure Pleasure. It got me thinking. What exactly is this new business? With a name like "Pure Pleasure", what exactly could it be? An adult novelty shop? A seedy massage parlor offering happy endings? I've never see anyone there, it almost doesn't even look to be open ever.

Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives
Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives

Upon doing a Google search of Pure Pleasure Poughkeepsie, I found a listing under Pure Pleasure Social Club with the description of it being a smoke shop.

attachment-Pure Pleasure Social Club

A search also pulled up the company on the New York Company website being incorporated in April of 2023 under the entity Pure Pleasure Social & Events LLC with its current company status being listed as active.

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There were no other searches that pulled up any information on the business. If it's a smoke shop, where is the website or social media page? Not even a business phone number could be found.

Has anyone ever heard of this place or been inside the building at 70 Cottage St? Is it a smoke shop or not,? it looks like we've got another Poughkeepsie mystery on our hands. (See: Mysterious Message Left in Snow-Filled Poughkeepsie Park).

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