Was Joe Biden knocking back a fancy cocktail at a popular area bar?

Hot off the heels of the first CNN Biden-Trump Presidential Debate, a photo has come across our desk and it has us wondering if the President was knocking back a cocktail at a popular area establishment.

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The 46th and current president of the Unites States since 2021, Joe Biden, a member of the Democratic Party, previously served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under President Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009. The Scranton, Pennsylvania native has been in the Hudson Valley on numerous occasions before, including back in 2022 with a visit to IBM on Rt 9 in Poughkeepsie.

Michael A. McCoy, Getty Images
Michael A. McCoy, Getty Images

Could Photo In Fact Be Joe Biden Drinking Fancy Cocktail at Hurricane Grill & Wings?

A photo was sent to me anonymously of an older gentleman who seems to resemble the President of the United States enjoying what appears to be a margarita at Hurricane Grill & Wings in Poughkeepsie.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

The man in the photo is wearing a brown jacket and a ball cap, and from the backside view, appears to have an uncanny resemblance to President Joe Biden. Although there is no time stamp on the photo so we have no idea when it was taken, one can assume that it could be President Biden celebrating after a strong debate against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Thursday night.

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The debate was carried by CNN on Thursday night, live from CNN's studios in Atlanta. Now, hypothetically speaking, the total flight duration from Atlanta, GA to Poughkeepsie, NY is 1 hour, 50 minutes. I guess it may be possible that after the debate was finished Thursday night, Air Force One could have made a secret trip to Poughkeepsie, carrying the president to the popular Hurricane Grill & Wings off Raymond Ave. so Joe could enjoy a celebratory cocktail. We know the likeliness of this is not very probable, but one never knows. A picture is worth a thousand words....

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Look Inside Joe Biden's Former Syracuse Home

A lot has happened since the house last sold in 2005 for $68,000. Between the previous occupant becoming Vice-President and then the 46th President over the past 17 years, along with the current housing market, the property is now on the market at a substantial uptick of $334,900.

The house is at 608 and 610 Stinard Avenue, and was originally built in 1925. It’s a two-family duplex with 3,364 square feet of space, plus a two-car garage. The first unit is two bed/two bath. The second unit is roomier with four bedrooms and two baths. The house has lots of original wood paneling, which feels very presidential. Could sleeping here lead to a long and successful political career? It certainly couldn’t hurt.

Photo credit: Eric F Metz II, Independent Realty Group via Zillow.

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats