A run-down Poughkeepsie hotel has been reborn as a completely remodeled Holiday Inn.

Decades ago, the one-story hotel on Route 9 was branded as a Best Western. The upscale Poughkeepsie hotel was home to Bananas Comedy Club and became "the" place to stay. Bananas launched the careers of many famous comedians, who still talk fondly about their time at the legendary venue. Back in 2015 Jimmy Fallon discussed getting his big break at Bananas with guest Louis C.K. who also recalled his time at the Poughkeepsie comedy club.

After Bananas moved out of the hotel it was rebranded as the Mercury Grand Hotel and began to fall into disrepair. A comedian friend I knew back in the early 1990s was performing at the hotel and was offered a complimentary room as a part of the deal. After the show ended he was escorted to a room that was so disgusting, he opted to turn around and drive three hours home instead of having to stay there for one night.

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The Mercury Grand gained a reputation for being a seedy, discount hotel. Online reviews were brutal, with people complaining about mystery stains on the sheets, broken amenities and a terrible odor that seemed to envelop the entire building. An attempt to rebrand the hotel in the early 2000s lead to it being renamed as the Clarion, but then the property abruptly changed back to the Mercury Grand after the franchise pulled out. With newer hotels opening up on Route 9, and travelers becoming more discerning, the Mercury Grand's reputation from online reviews eventually led to its closure. Aside from the occasional fireworks tent set up in its parking lot, the hotel sat dormant.

A few years ago, construction equipment appeared in the parking lot and it appeared that the hotel was undergoing a major renovation. In January of 2020, a sign was erected announcing that the hotel was, in fact, being remodeled and would eventually relaunch as a Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn

Work continued for over a year and this month the Poughkeepsie Holiday Inn officially opened. The hotel is brand new from top to bottom, as described on its website.

The Holiday Inn Poughkeepsie is a brand new full-service hotel located in the heart of the Hudson Valley. The brand new hotel is non-smoking and offers a bar and full-service restaurant. The hotel features breakfast as well as meeting and banquet facilities to hold groups up to 750 people. Complimentary parking and internet are available to make your stay simple and smart. Pets allowed in pet friendly rooms.

Holiday Inn

Guests are greeted by an impressive-looking covered drive-up entrance that leads to the brand new spacious lobby. Off to the side is Hudson Bar and Grill, a new restaurant that includes a cocktail bar.

Early reviews from guests who stayed on property during the soft opening are mostly positive, noting the brand new construction and upgraded amenities. Reservations are now available at the Poughkeepsie Holiday Inn starting at $85 a night.

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