Poughkeepsie was the topic of conversation between Jimmy Fallon and Louis CK during Tuesday's Tonight Show.

Louis and Jimmy were into the second segment of the show when they started discussing their early days in comedy. Suddenly, they both realized that they had performed at Bananas Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie and began to reminisce about their Poughkeepsie experiences.

Louis CK described what Bananas was like back in the day:

It was the lounge of a Holiday Inn in Poughkeepsie, New York. It wasn't a comedy club, it was the function room of a Holiday Inn... on the highway in Poughkeepsie. They would bring in this cardboard thing that would say 'Bananas' on it and they'd hang it up... and now it's a comedy club!

Fallon fondly recalled the couple who owned the club, Harlen and Arlene, calling them the "best people to meet."

Louis had memories of some of the audience members that would show up at Bananas, like weird people who would walk down busy Route 9 just to show up for some comedy. Louis laughed about some of the newly married couples he'd see in the audience who were having their honeymoon at the Poughkeepsie Holiday Inn, joking about how their "terrific lives" together were beginning.

In case you missed it, the full episode is below. You can catch the conversation about Poughkeepsie at about 25 minutes into the show.