The City of Poughkeepsie unveiled a new logo this month. But what exactly is it?

Mayor Rob Rolison announced Poughkeepsie's new marking campaign during last week's State of the City address. "PKGO" stands for "Poughkeepsie Go," which is intended to let people know that the city is "going places." An incorrect use of punctuation, however, could put a very different spin on the phrase; as in, "Poughkeepsie? Go!!!!"

And what about that new logo? According to the campaign's website, it's supposed to be a "classic beehive icon that symbolizes Poughkeepsie." Some people have commented that it looks more like some sort of dead insect being washed down a shower drain. Others say it looks a little too much like one of those rubber mats that sit in the bottom of the urinal.

All kidding aside, the campaign is pretty brilliant. PKGO is putting a spotlight on the new buildings and new businesses that are appearing all over the city. The Poughkeepsie Go website will serve as a hub for the movement, highlighting stories about the "great Poughkeepsie revitalization" and what it's like to live, work and play in the city.

To see what the "buzz" is about, you can check out the new PKGO website for yourself.