A popular restaurant in the City of Poughkeepsie is no more.

It's always sad to see a restaurant close it's doors, especially when it's in your neighborhood and one of your favorite go-to places. I love Mexican food, and while there are plenty of options in the area, one of my favorite places to go was located at 581 Main St in Poughkeepsie.

When I stepped outside Sunday afternoon, I had a craving for some Mexican food and decided I would walk over to El Bracero. The food there is always amazing. Always loved ordering the chimichangas, and believe it or not, they always made a great burger! Those were just a couple of the items I would order from El Bracero regularly. But this day, that would not happen.

What happened to El Bracero?

As I started walking across the way to El Bracero, I noticed that the sign was covered up and that store front had been covered with paper. I knew this wasn't good. El Bracero had apparently shutdown, without warning. I decided to message the business through their Facebook account and got a response to my question from the owner rather quickly. I said, "You closed down? Why? "

"I sold the business, I am retired soon"

-El Bracero

I responded back thanking them for the great food and wishing them the best in their retirement as to which they thanked me. El Bracero had been in the city for 32 years (since 1990). Who knows what the future holds for the now-empty storefront. Perhaps we'll get another Mexican restaurant eventually? Although I'll miss El Bracero, especially those chimichangas and that burger, along with the convenience of being able to walk there. Thankfully, the city offers many other options for good Mexican food.

Other great Mexican Restaurants in the area

Another place I can also walk over to is at Taco Gol, at 553 Main St. And they make a great burrito! If I wanna get in the car and drive down towards lower Main St, there's always the El Azteca for great authentic Mexican food at 97 Main St. There are also a bunch of other Mexican restaurants on Main street alone, that I haven't tried yet. We'll get to them at some point I'm sure.

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