Why did the popular cigar shop close and why is there a pink tutu in the front window?

It seemed like years that I remember driving down the area of Main Street and Raymond Ave. in Poughkeepsie seeing that there was a new cigar shop coming soon. Seemed like forever before the place finally opened and much less that it remained open.

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I noticed at some point last year that the short-lived Havan Cigar Co. at 2 Raymond Ave. in Poughkeepsie had closed its doors. The windows were blacked out with paper and I wondered what had happened.

Looking at the 14 Google reviews for the business (which still lists the business as open), most of the reviews were 4 or 5 stars, with many saying that the place had a comfortable, relaxing and quiet atmosphere with a good assortment of products.

attachment-Havana Cigar Review

One person stated that they were inconsistent with their lounge hours and that was their only criticism of Havana Cigar Co., other than that, it was a "terrific place to smoke".

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Could the inconsistent hours have been the downfall of this popular cigar shop? What exactly happened? I was driving by the area this week and noticed something interesting. There was a pink tutu in the front window of the cigar shop. What was a pink tutu doing in the display window of the shop? Was a new business moving in?

Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives
Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives

I called the phone number listed online for Havana Cigar Co. and expected to not get an answer as the shop had been closed to my knowledge.

After a few rings a woman answered the phone and said hello. I said, "Hi. Is Havana Cigar Shop still open there?" The woman replied, "You have the wrong number. Sorry" and hung up.

So we have really no answer as to what is going on over at 2 Raymond Ave. in Poughkeepsie. What happened to Havana Cigar Co. and the story behind the pink tutu in the window remains a Poughkeepsie mystery.

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