If you're ready for warmer beach weather, you'll like what meteorologists are predicting for the long term forecast.

CBS2 reports that the NOAA  is calling for a warmer spring, with the possibility of above average rainfall for the Hudson Valley and Northeast. Of course, these long term forecasts aren't always fully accurate, so a wetter spring may not be a sure bet, says NOAA. They also predict, however, that a repeat of last year's late winter weather won't be a concern this year.

As for summer, NOAA experts say this year's may be somewhat like 2018's summer, with hotter than average temps and above average rainfall. This could mean drought won't be much of a concern.

Once again, these forecasts can go either way. Some predicted a snowier than average winter for this part of the country, and the result was fairly mild and quiet. We can't always predict tomorrow's forecast, as you know.

One downside though to a mild winter followed by a rainy spring are more insects and parasites, such as fleas and ticks. So carry lots of preventative this year, and check your pets.

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