This has got to be one of the crazier videos we've seen some time. The NY Daily News is reporting that the scene got real ugly at a Burger King Tuesday night. Many had to be wondering exactly what the hell was going on as a crazed Mount Vernon woman working at the fast food chain had a bizarre and scary meltdown.

The video shows a 48 year-old employee at the Bronx Burger King swinging the restaurant's door before being confronted by a male customer. The woman responded by making what sounds like hissing noises while pointing and locking her hands like she was casting a magic spell on the man.

Her tirade had only begun. The Daily News reports that the same woman started jumping on the counter. She then runs in and then out of the kitchen before attacks a sitting coworker without warning. Another woman and two men can be seen trying to pull her off of the woman. This doesn't go too well.

Finally, police arrive and arrest the "possessed" woman, as she can repeatedly be heard yelling "Don't touch me!". Yikes. Fortunately, none of the people attacked were transformed to frogs or stone sculptures. The wannabe witch was charged with attempted assault, according to the Daily News. 

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