You could work at one of the coolest theaters in the Hudson Valley area.

The Rosendale Theatre in Rosendale, NY (Ulster County) is a three-story, 260-seat movie theatre and performance center that first opened as a casino in 1905 and began showing films in the 1920s. A stage was installed in the 1930s and the venue started showing live vaudeville and burlesque acts, and once housed the town's fire department.

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Anthony Cacchio Sr. rented the building in 1949 and converted it into a movie theater, showing about 300 movies a year. After more than 60 years of operation, the Cacchio family decided to sell, and the venue ownership was transferred to a nonprofit, the Rosendale Theatre Collective in 2010.

With so many cool themed events at Rosendale Theatre, like the Classic Film Series, Music Fan Series, and Saturday Creature Features just to name a few, along with live music, the venue has definitley established themselves as one of the coolest venues in the Hudson Valley area.

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Rosendale Theatre took to social media recently, the annpunce that they were hiring for two postitions."If you love movies, the performing arts and great people, the Rosendale Theatre is the place to be. We offer job opportunities in a truly fun environment. Your perfect role is waiting for you!" the message reads. Positions include Front of House Manager which pays $20 and hour and Theatre Concessions Cashier which pays $15 an hour.

If any of these positions sound like something you might be interested in, get your resume together and send it over! October is shaping up to be an exciting month of events at Rosendale Theatre including a 40th anniversary showing of the classic Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense as part of their Music Fan Series on Wed, Oct. 11 at 7pm. More info on Rosendale Theatre here.

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The Belltower in Rosendale

The listing for this property actually starts with the phrase "You Can’t Buy The Bricks For One Point Six!" and you also can't buy anything like it in the Hudson Valley. Now known as The Belltower this amazing venue and home plus rental apartments is not like anything else you can find. It sits in the heart of Rosendale one of Ulster Counties most popular destinations. It offers a unique and eclectic lifestyle. Work in it, live in it or both.

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