Are you happy living in New York? Whether it's the rush of New York City, or the enjoyable scenery of upstate - are New Yorkers generally happy? Well, it may not come as a surprise for some who have been stuck on a crowded subway, but the answer looks like NO.

That is if you consider the numbers taken from a new poll.

Gallup recently conducted a poll using such factors as Career, Social, Financial, Community, and Physical well being, and the results rank the state of New York towards the bottom half of the country. According to Gallop, New York is 37th in overall happiness.

These state-level data are based on more than 115,000 surveys with U.S. adults across all 50 states, conducted in all 12 months of 2018.

If we're that unhappy, then we're not alone according to this study. Gallop says the overall score across the United States has been slipping since 2017.

So, who was number 1? Hawaii, followed by Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana. West Virginia ranked dead last. As for our neighbors, New Jersey ranked 31st, Connecticut 16th, Pennsylvania 34th, and Massachusetts 17th.

Do you agree with the findings? Is New York really that bad?

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