The things law enforcement have to deal with. This has got to be one of the more hilariously bizarre stories to hit New York state in a while. Do we want to call it Redneck Tug of War?

WETM says that police in the Fulton County town of Mayfield, NY were called to a disturbance at a Budget Inn Wednesday. When they arrived, they happened to discover two men in an altercation in the parking lot.

It seems the confrontation may have stemmed from the two men having a sort of "Tug of War" with their vehicles. WETM reports that the two had attached a chain between both vehicles and were attempting to pull the other across the lot like some of vehicular dance.

Police say at least one of the drivers was quite intoxicated. WETM says that after showing the initial signs of intoxication, the men ended up blowing a 0.30 percent. But it doesn't end there. A woman, who had first alerted troopers at the barracks about the disturbance, came to pick up the intoxicated man as he was being processed. WETM says that she was also drunk and also blew a 0.30.

Both the man and the woman were charged with aggravated DWI. It is uncertain if the other man who took part in this strange ritual was intoxicated as well.

It is also unclear if the man who was arrested did this to potentially impress this particular woman? Both even registered matching BACs. Could there be a future for these two souls? If so, it sounds like this guy will always be ready to defend her honor at a moment's notice.

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