And she thought it was the prefect crime.

Police in Wayne, NJ said that a 25 year-old Parsippany woman allegedly called 911 to draw officers away from her location so she could drive home under the influence.

Wayne Police say they got a 911 call Monday at 3:15 am, saying that a woman was being assaulted in the parking lot of Mothers Ale House.

CBS reports that when officers arrived, they were unable to find an assault in progress. Police checked the security cameras but still found nothing.

Police said Hayley Oates made the call so that she and a companion could drive home from another bar while under the influence.

Oates took it a step further, allegedly posting on her social media page a message reading

“lmao.. 2 mins later the cop peals out.. silly piggies tricks r for u.”

Not a wise move.

Oates now faces charges of filing false reports to law enforcement and creating false public alarm.

Police were furious at Oates’ alleged conduct. Wayne police Detective Capt. Laurence Martin said

“You’re misusing the system. You have 911 personnel that are answering the call. You have police officers that should be doing other things, are now responding to a call that’s false so that you can drive away drunk? And then bragging about it on social media — that’s as dumb as it gets.”