A post on social media led to fans of a restaurant questioning if the spot was closed or not. We wish we had better news.

This is New York and there are two things that we love it is pizza and chicken wings. Chicken wings are a staple at many restaurants. Some even make it a specialty. In a local community group someone asked other members if a restaurant closed their doors.

Rumors were circulating on social media that the Planet Wings location on Rte 9 in Wappingers Falls had closed. Some were wondering if it was temporary. We reached out to the restaurant and got an answer. Unfortunately it is not the answer they were looking for.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Are the rumors true? Did Planet Wings in Wappingers Falls close its doors?

A listing with CR Properties showed that the restaurant was being offered for $1.2 million.

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On Google it still shows that the restaurant is open seven days a week and even lists the phone number.

We called the Wappingers Falls location and were redirected to the Poughkeepsie restaurant. According to a staff member at the Poughkeepsie location the Wappingers Falls spot was closed about a month ago.

The sudden closure of this spot comes as a sad and shocking surprise to fans of the establishment.

The Planet Wings in Wappingers Falls was quite popular according to Google Reviews. It had 3.9 stars from 242 reviews online. The restaurants are known for their delicious chicken but the have a large menu and offer a variety of foods. You can still enjoy Planet Wings in Poughkeepsie located at 830 Main St, Poughkeepsie, New York.

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