Flying can be a stressful enough experience for some. Aside from catching your flight on time, issues with delays, luggage delivery, as well as a number of other things can weigh on one's mind when traveling by air.

Having a door fall right off of the plane you're on while in midair isn't something anyone wants to deal it. However, officials say it happened after a flight took off from an airport in New York state, as an investigation into matter continues.

Door Flies Off Plane That Left New York Airport 

WGRZ says that a small plane carrying two people lost a rear door while flying over Stiglmeier Park Monday night. Cheektowaga Police says the search for the missing door continues, as public flight data says the door flew off of the single-engine plane a few minutes into its flight.

According to Cheektowaga Police, a call for assistance was received from Buffalo Niagara International Airport late Monday.

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The pilot notified air traffic control, as the plane turned around and landed safely and parked near the Signature Aviation terminal, says WGRZ. 

WKBW says the plane originally took off from Signature Aviation, before suffering the malfunction seven minutes after takeoff.

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Plane Lands On Highway in New York State 

WIVB says that the single-engine plane made an emergency landing on Route 417 in Cattaraugus County. State Police said the plane landed in the Town of Carrollton late Tuesday afternoon.

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State Police said that an investigation determined the single prop airplane was experiencing mechanical issues and the pilot and only occupant, a 21-year-old man from Wilton, Maine, attempted an emergency landing on State Route 417.

The Olean Times Herald says the pilot landed the plane without damaging property or sustaining any injuries. The airplane was removed from the roadway.

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