Some people will just never learn. You may remember this story from a few weeks back where a passenger caused their flight to be diverted because they didn't know how to conduct themselves in public. Looks like a similar incident happened Sunday, and now a New York state man has been arrested for their extremely erratic behavior on a cross-country flight. According to witnesses, this guy put on quite the mid-air show.

NBC NY says that a 42-year-old Mechanicville man was making multiple trips to the bathroom, antagonized passengers, touched a female passenger, and refused to put his mask on. A video posted online by another passenger shows a member of the JetBlue crew explaining to the rest of the passengers what had happened. The crew member also said the suspect was seen "snorting a white substance". They did not specifically indicate if this white substance was chalk, salt, glue, or whatever, but we have a pretty good idea what they were hinting at here.

NBC says the flight took off from JFK, en route to San Francisco, but had to make an emergency landing in Minneapolis to remove the unruly passenger. This goof must have really made an impression, for the rest of the cabin can be heard cheering when it was announced they had been kicked off the flight.

Minneapolis Airport police say the man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Earlier in May, a JFK-bound flight was disrupted after a 28-year-old passenger allegedly picked a fight with flight attendants after she claimed they didn't pick up her trash. A complaint even indicates that the accused assailant bragged that the police weren't going to do anything about it. In this case, police did end up doing something about it, as ABC reports that an off-duty NYPD officer happened to be on the flight. The passenger was arrested once the plane landed at JFK.

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