Two Wappingers school children won't soon forget this April Fool's day.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, not many people are in a joking mood this year. But two parents in the Wappingers Central School District didn't let the lockdown spoil their fun. This fun-loving family showed all of us that it's ok to still laugh, especially if it's at your kids' expense.

To prepare for this epic prank, Lindsay and Luke Sullivan created a fake text message from the school district, saying that the coronavirus lockdown was canceled and that all children should report to class. After being woken up with the news, first-grader Dominick seemed to be excited about going back to school.  He sprung right out of bed to get dressed and ready to go. But his fourth-grade brother, Harrison, was not quite as enthusiastic. After seeing the text he slowly lowered his head and sank right back into his blankets.

Video posted by the family shows the lengths the Sullivan parents went through to pull this prank. Not only did they make the kids pack up their books, but they also marched them out to the bus stop to wait for a school bus that would never come.

Finally, after deciding they had put their kids through enough trauma for one morning, the Sullivan's finally revealed the prank:

Although the boys had a good sense of humor about the prank, Lindsay told us that Harrison was upset he was forced to wake up early."I think he has been spending the rest of the day trying to get revenge," she said. On the other hand, Dominick claims he knew it was a prank all along. Lindsay explained, "because we didn't expect them to look in their bags... certain things were missing like folders and lunches." It turns out the Sheafe Road Elementary School children and their parents often play pranks on one another, but usually not ones that are this elaborate.

With at least another month of the kids at home, the Sullivan's should probably watch their backs. It's probably only a matter of time before their children exact their revenge.

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