The Great Horned Owl is the largest and most recognizable owl in North America. Known for their piercing yellow eyes and a wingspan of over 55 inches, this fearless species of owl is sometimes also called the Hoot Owl, or the Tiger of the Woods.

There are also quite a few of them living here in New York, as their distinctive deep hoot can he heard at night.

But while Great Horned Owls may strike fear into many of its wouldbe prey, one horned owl was recenlty in need of some serious assistance from some compassionate humans.

Great Horned Owls in New York State 

According to Bird Feeder Hub, horned owls are found tear round across New York state.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says that can be found in a "wide variety of habitats including open and secondary growth forests and agricultural and open fields. They also can be found around cliffs and suburban or urban areas."

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Rescuers in New York Help Owl That Was Stuck in Vehicle 

UPI says that a woman in Suffolk County told rescuers that she felt her vehicle strike something while she was driving the night of November 7. Much to her surprise, the sound she heard was a Great Horned Owl that had hit the front grille of her car and was now stuck inside.

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Fox NY says the woman called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League, who were able to safely get the wo lout of the front of the car and brought it to the Sweetbriar Nature Center in Smithtown.

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Dangers to Great Horned Owls

Fully grown Horned Owls have no predators, though smaller ones who left the nest too early face danger from bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and raccoons.

The website NYC Audubon says that the biggest dangers that face both young and adult owls are illegal shooting, poisoning, plus collisions with motor vehicles, telephone wires, and even soccer nets 

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