Last day of February. Ugh. It’s that last dregs of winter time of year, and we’re just looking for signs of spring to remind us of what’s coming. I saw a robin in a tree in my yard the other day, and my stomach got that happy spring feeling for a moment. Another sure sign that spring is on the way is when your favorite ice cream stand opens.

I just got word The Jolly Cow on Route 9W in Lake Katrine is getting ready to open for the season. The Jolly Cow is one of the most popular ice cream stands in Ulster County. First of all, they’ve got some of the most delicious treats ever. They’ve also got an actual giant cow. A jolly one, at that. Okay, it’s not a real living cow, but it’s a cow statue that’s been there for years.

Almost everybody in Ulster County has a jolly cow memory. Going to get ice cream on a hot summer night. Sitting on the cow and getting your picture taken. Now your kids sit on the cow and get their pictures taken. The Jolly Cow is a delicious way to celebrate spring, but it is also an experience for lots of people.

And just to give you one example of why people love The Jolly Cow and keep going back year after year, this past November, The Jolly Cow closed the season by giving out free ice cream cones. Now, that’s what I call customer appreciation. The Jolly Cow has not announced an exact date but said they will definitely be announcing a March opening soon. And March is tomorrow. Yay!

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