Hudson Valley officials are asking residents to work from home or take public transportation this Friday.

Friday, September 21 has been declared "Car Free Day" in the Hudson Valley. Anyone who lives or works in the Hudson Valley is being asked to participate in the day without driving, promising to take themselves off the road for a whole day.

The Hudson Valley Car Free Day is part of a global movement to encourage people to ditch their car and ride a train, bus, subway, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, or walk. The New York State Department of Transportation says they're supporting the movement to reduce the number of cars on the streets. They say the Hudson Valley will benefit by having a day with less "traffic congestion, a greener environment and reduced gasoline demand."

Last year, Car Free Day had over 1,500 Hudson Valley residents pledge to stay off the road. So far, just over 1,000 people have promised to do the same this year. You can take the pledge yourself on New York's 511Rideshare website.

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