Police say a New York state man was arrested and charged with stealing a tanker truck. While motor vehicle theft continues to be a growing problem across the state, you don't necessarily hear about a vehicle of this size being taken in this manner. But while it's not always being reported about, it doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Officials say the man has been charged with 4th degree grand larceny.

Unfortunately, cargo thefts seldom lead to many arrests and convictions, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Cargo Theft 

Data compiled by the NICB showed in 2017, there were 8,676 cargo vehicle thefts reported, or about 24 thefts every day. While New York state did not rank in that year's top ten list compiled by the NICB, cargo theft is still a $15 to $35 billion industry.

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New Jersey, however, did rank 5th in the nation that year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

New York State Man Accused of Stealing Tanker

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office says that a 49-year-old man from Sodus, NY was arrested for stealing a tanker truck. WROC says that the suspect stole the truck from Nutrien AG Solutions, in the town of Marion.


Officials say the alleged tanker thief drove the truck to Sodus, where he was later arrested.

Police Say New York State Man Wrote Sixteen Checks to Himself

The New York State Police said in a press release that they received a complaint in June from Mountain Ridge Excavation and Construction that they had discovered several checks written out to the alleged suspect that they had not issued.

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State police say an investigation revealed that the 36-year-old suspect from Shandaken had issued 16 checks to himself from the months of April through June without authorization. In total, allegedly  wrote and deposited over $15,000.


However, officials would not have to look very far, for at the time of the investigation, the suspect was already incarcerated in the Delaware County Jail for another matter, says police.

Police say the man was ordered by a judge to be processed at SP Margaretville then returned to the Delaware County Jail.

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