Car theft rings have been around for many years, leading to stolen property losses in the billions. In recent years however, these theft rings have become bigger and even more brazen. Many thieves will resort to such tactics as hotwiring, using signal amplifiers to gain entry into keyless systems, or even carjacking by force.

Many of these stolen motor vehicles are then sent to chop shops, or loaded into shipping containers and shipped overseas to other countries, as part of a larger criminal enterprise .

Motor Vehicle Thefts in New York State 

Unfortunately, New York state doesn't rank well for vehicle thefts. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, New York state ranked 9th in nation for vehicle thefts in 2022. S.I. Live says that there there were 28,292 vehicle thefts reported in New York in 2022, which was a 23% increase from the 23,088 stolen vehicles in 2021.

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But law enforcement hasn't given up stopping these criminals by any means, and New York State Police are asking for the public's help identify two suspects in the Hudson Valley from an alleged theft stemming from last year.

The New York State Police shared on their Facebook page that they are still trying to identify two subjects involved in a burglary in Somers in 2022 operating a 4th generation BMW 3 Series.

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Anyone with information regarding the possible identity of the pictured subjects is asked to please contact the New York State Police at (914) 769-2600. Please refer to case# 10940421.

While it is not known if these suspects are part of larger crime ring, or perhaps if they may have allegedly stolen the car just to joyride. Authorities, however, are still looking for any information or assistance that would lead to the arrests of these subjects.

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