Over $500,000 will fund seven projects in hopes of ending poverty in Newburgh.

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced funding for seven projects in Newburgh as part of the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative.

"New York will empower Newburgh through the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative to connect its residents with opportunities that help move them on a path out of poverty toward economic independence," Cuomo said. "I look forward to these programs delivering meaningful results and commend Newburgh for their dedication to fighting poverty in their community."

In 2016, task forces worked to identify high-need areas and develop recommendations for investments and other changes to reduce the number of individuals living in poverty across New York State. Now, the task forces are beginning to implement the poverty reduction plans developed.

"This investment in poverty reduction programs in Newburgh will provide increased economic opportunity for residents in the Mid-Hudson Region," Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul said.

The seven programs approved for funding in Newburgh are:

The Newburgh Ministry, $500,000 - This funding will support the Fragile Economies Project, an intensive peer-to-peer family mentorship program that creates opportunities for economic and health improvement for families impacted by poverty.

Community-Led Mini-Grants, $70,000 - Mini-grants of $10,000-$14,000 each were awarded to cultivate and support grassroots leadership by residents in the community.  The programs being funded are:

  • The Broadway River District Neighborhood Association - Funding will be used to develop a tool and equipment shed, install new trash cans and schedule regular neighborhood cleanups, to improve the cleanliness and quality of its neighborhoods, as well as attract new neighborhoods to the organization.
  • EveryDay Newburgh - A free eight-week workshop for young adults living in poverty will train them in advocacy, photography, and citizen journalism.  The project will also create art installations and events, open to the public, to draw attention to critical social issues in the community and create a wider dialogue about them.
  • Hasbrouck Street Park - The park will be renovated through a community-led volunteer effort which will result in a positively-transformed pocket park, complete with new playground equipment and artist murals, to attract community members and their families.
  • Increase Civic Engagement - Young adults living in poverty will be trained to conduct non-partisan voter registration, spread information and recruit others to increase civic participation, engage in discussions of community issues, and speak at public meetings.
  • The Star Project - This initiative will allow people to pay a donation amount to local eateries in Newburgh which can then be claimed by people in need so that they can purchase a food item at the eatery.
  • We Are Newburgh - Funding will expand the organizational capacity of the We Are Newburgh initiative, allowing them to offer additional events that benefit the community, such as back-to-school giveaways and community barbeques, to help underserved families procure school supplies and other items to meet basic needs.