If you think being a police officer is all about catching robbery suspects and writing tickets, think again. in fact, several NYPD officers spent five hours early Sunday morning rescuing a kitten that had gotten stuck in the engine of a parked Ford sedan.

Police were called after a 16 year-old girl and her mother heard repeated loud meowing outside of their apartment in Midwood early Sunday.

The NY Post says that two officers first attempted to get the feline out with food, just for the feisty cat to hide even further deeper inside the sedan. The Emergency Service Unit then arrived with more officers, who forced the door open to get inside the vehicle and open the hood.

But the cat wasn't going down without a fight. Rescuers used an animal control pole to finally bring the cat out after the scared kitten kept hiding away. The 16 year-old girl and her mother then cleaned the cat who was covered in exhaust and dirt from the whole ordeal. 

They mom and daughter have also decide to keep the kitten and named him Felix. 

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