Don't ever tamper with someone's food, especially when they're your own family. There is no word yet from authorities what sparked this particular incident, but a New York state man stands accused of spiking his own family's food and drinks with laxatives and Epson salt.

Now, he is facing felony charges, according to City of Tonawanda Police.

Police say the 34 year-old Tonawanda man allegedly put laxatives and Epson salt in his family's food and coffee starting back on October 20. Family members thought something was up when they started feeling pains, nausea, and had really bad diarrhea anytime after eating. The Buffalo News reports that's when their suspicions were raised and they decided to call police.

Captain Frederic Foels said the family had had issues with the 34 year-old family member before. Foels also said this wasn't the first time police had been called to the house.

The family came to us and they were having all these episodes after they ate, or had coffee, and they thought he was spiking the food. Detectives did their investigation, they followed evidence of the Epsom salts and the magnesium and the laxatives...

Buffalo News says that there had already been an order of protection against the man, though the family agreed to let him live there as long as he didn't cause any problems. Guess they found out the hard way. There is no word whether or not there is more than one bathroom in the house where this took place.

The man charged Tuesday with two felony counts of second-degree attempted assault, two counts of third-degree criminal tampering, and charges for violating the oder of protection.

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