It was a crazy scene Friday night at a bowling alley in Fort Edward, NY. Police say it all started when a 31 year-old man got a bit rowdy and got cut off at the bar. This is when authorities say the Hudson Falls man slapped a beer out of a bartender's hand.

WNYT reports that things escalated when another man tried to step in to intervene and attempt to calm the allegedly intoxicated bowling league hero. The man who was cut off wasn't having any of it, and allegedly punched the man who tried to intervene. But he wasn't done there. Troopers say the 31 year-old then bit the other man's nipple for good measure.

WNYT reports that when troopers were bringing the Hudson Falls man outside he threw a rock through a car's windshield. WNYT says that the man was charged with felony criminal mischief and assault.

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