New York state no longer has the most COVID-19 cases in the nation. CNBC reports that California has surpassed New York for confirmed Coronavirus cases, as the state has passed 409,000 confirmed cases. California was one of the first states hit hard by COVID-19, only to reduce cases, but then see a resurgence over the past month.

Some have said the state's quick reopening from May to June spurred the recent resurgence. This has to the state once again having to face many of the same restrictions they did early during the pandemic.

Some things to consider though; California has the country's largest population with a 2019 estimate of 39,512,223 people. New York state is fourth in the nation with an estimate of 19,450,000. New York also has the dubious distinction as having the nation's highest death rate from COVID-19, with 32,302. CNBC says that is around 9 times the amount of people versus California's current count.

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