Many parts of the country have experienced more severe weather and deadly tornadoes this spring than in years. But while the central and midwestern parts of the U.S. have faced rounds and rounds of damaging severe weather, most of New York has remained fairly quiet so far.

A few notable exceptions include a rare tornado touched down in central New York in February, marking only the second time a twister has ever hit New York that early in the year. Damaging thunderstorms have also hit the Albany area, as well as parts of the lower Hudson Valley, where the National Weather Service even investigated a possible tornado in Orange County.

But while the majority of spring was pretty uneventful across the Hudson Valley, things could change before the weekend.

Severe Storms Could Be On the Way 

Hudson Valley Weather says that Friday will be humid, as temperatures climb to about 80 degrees during the day, though an approaching cold front could touch off a line of scattered showers and thunderstorms by late afternoon and evening.


Early indications from several weather models is that the line of storms could be strong to severe, says HVW. The National Weather Service as issued a 2 out of 5 severe weather alert for most of the Hudson Valley, with strong damaging winds being main threat.

But a huge factor if we see severe storms or just plain rain will be atmospheric instability due to daytime heating, according to Hudson Valley Weather.

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This will bring drier, less humid weather to the area for the weekend, as highs will remain around 80 degrees north Saturday and Sunday.

However, this will lead into next week, as Hudson Valley Weather says the area could see its first heat wave of the year. Early forecasts say that highs could climb into the 90s for multiple days, with late next week being close to 100 F.

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