With an abundance of wetlands and heavily forested areas, New York is known for its natural beauty. But with all that wilderness, comes allergies. Chances are if you live in New York State then you're at least somewhat allergic to something that's blooming this time of year.

According to A to Z Animals, tree pollens peak in April and May, with oak, maple, birch, and ash being some of the main culprits. Grass pollen season peaks a little later in June and July, with Timothy grass, orchard grass, and bluegrass pollinating during that time. Then, you have other things like mold which can be a problem all year.

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Weed pollen hits around August and September, according to sources.

The Data 

To break down where some are suffering the most from allergies, Lawn Love identified some of the worst allergy areas in the country. Springfield, MA was ranked as the worst in the U.S. according to the study. But where do some metro areas in New York rank?

According to the numbers, the Buffalo/Cheektowaga area was 7th on the allergy ranking while Syracuse was right behind at number 8. The Albany/Schenectady/Troy metro area came in at 39th.

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Lawn Love says that they compared 131 metro areas based on allergy risk, exacerbators, and access to detection and treatment resources. The data was broken down further, examining other factors. like; grass pollen forecasts, allergen intensity, and lawn mowing frequency, among nine total metrics.

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