Ever have that one coworker who just can't handle their booze at a company party? What if that coworker is also your boss? And what if the boss happens to be the mayor of your home town? Well, it all happened. Thought your parties got out of hand?

The NY Post is reporting that the mayor of Mahwah, New Jersey had one too many drinks during an employee get-together January 10. Now, there could be ramifications from his night of drunken tomfoolery.

Mayor John Roth apparently had himself a good time and decided to take off his pants and take a snooze in the bed of a female employee. Roth even admitted to NorthJersey.com he had "too much to drink”, and decided to go upstairs for a siesta. None of this may have ever gotten out to the public, if not for a letter from “concerned employees of the township of Mahwah”. That must be a really uncomfortable office to work at right now.

If that was bad, imagine the scene when his wife arrived that night and had pick him up? NorthJersey.com says his wife came and got him, though it is unclear just how he explained to her why he was in another woman's bed.

The Post says that township attorney and Council President David May declined to comment. Perhaps his employees can all pitch in for a new pair of pants for their boss at the next holiday party?

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