*** The video above is from 2017, as Badame helps donate to the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. ***

This man came prepared. Joseph Badame had spent his life preparing for the end. The Medford, New Jersey man had hoarded enough supplies to hopefully wait out any sort of apocalyptic nightmare the world could throw had him. Now, we have the COVID-19 pandemic, and Badame feels it's much worse than anyone could imagine.

This is much more severe than I even planned for. When you combine the trigger of the coronavirus and then the reaction to it. We’re right at the beginning of the collapse of the economic system.


According to NJ.com, Badame had has his share of bad luck. His wife had a stroke in 2005. he fell into debt taking care of her. He lost his home in 2017 when it was seized. Now, he lives in a room above his friend's garage.

Prepping for the end of world just was always in his blood. NJ.com says he had accumulated 4,200 rolls of toilet paper, and four underground storage tanks of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and heating oil. And yes, he had a bomb shelter. Bring it on.

Hey, maybe he has a good point?


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