The monster fish living in the Hudson River finally has a name.

Last week it was revealed that scientists discovered an enormous 14-foot fish in the waters of the Hudson River near the Mid Hudson Bridge. The almost 1,000 pound fish is extremely rare and has been living right under our noses for all of this time.

Marine biologists were very excited about the discovery, especially since the sturgeon is an endangered species. Local residents were also interested in the news, as the story sent shockwaves through social media and local media outlets.

The only question people had was what to call the fish.

Scotland has "Nessie," Ireland has a dolphin named "Fungie"," so we thought it only proper that the Hudson Valley's most famous fish should get her own name too. Armed with the knowledge that this is a female fish, listeners of The Boris and Robyn Show quickly submitted their suggestions.

Since the fish was discovered near the FDR estate and the news was revealed on International Women's Day, many people suggested Eleanor in honor or Eleanor Roosevelt. Others went for more whimsical names like Stella the Sturgeon, Sturgey, or even Houdini since the fish is apparently pretty good at hiding. And, of course, there was a suggestion for Fishy-McFish-Face.

One of the most unique suggestions came from Robyn Taylor who thought "Lika" would be a great tribute to the singer Madonna, especially when her full name of "Lika Sturgeon" was used.

However, after going through hundreds of suggestions one name came up over and over again. Clearly the resounding favorite, we can now officially declare that "Henrietta" is the winning suggestion. The name is an obvious nod to explorer Henry Hudson, who was the first person to navigate the river that now bears his name.

The outpouring of support for naming the fish Henrietta was just too massive to ignore. So, the next time you get in a conversation about the Hudson Valley's own monster fish, be sure to call Henrietta by her name.

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