Hey, put some clothes on! A woman is facing a whole slew of charges after Pennsylvania state troopers say she entered a neighbor's house without permission. Did we also mention that she was naked at the time? The incident happened April 7, when authorities were called over reports of a woman sitting on her neighbor's porch while knocking back a bottle of Corona Extra. WJAC says she was wearing nothing but a blanket that was draped over her. Think it was still a bit chilly that early in April?

When the Brockport, Pennsylvania woman noticed state police approaching she quickly got up and went back to her own house, in an attempt to elude authorities. WJAC says she didn't get very far, for troopers said they could just simply look into her house and she her sitting right there in front of them. Police say the nude suspect put up a fight when being handcuffed. She was then taken to an area hospital to be evaluated.

According to her neighbor, the bizarre night kicked off when the woman entered his house through the basement, and then went upstairs and helped herself to some brew out of his fridge. According to a complaint filed by the neighbor, his son and his friends were home at the time of the uninvited visit. The teen son said he was able to convince the intruder to leave. That is when the naked woman left for the front porch, drank a beer, placed the old bottle in a flower pot, and then smashed another flower pot that was on the porch, according to the witness.

Troopers say hospital officials found a number of drugs in her system at the time.

In an even more volatile incident involving a naked suspect that happened right here in the Hudson Valley in early 2021, police say a naked man was caught punching cars on the New York State Thruway. News 12 says the incident happened near Exit 15 in Airmont in Rockland County. Were the cars parked in traffic, for he'd have to have some awfully quick hands to smack a vehicle passing by at 70 MPH?

Well, then you've got this fun loving guy, who police say was found on a road naked while eating flowers and grass. Fox 43 says the man, who appeared to be in his 30s, was found on Route 72 in Penn Township, Pennsylvania back in September 2020. Police also said the man was covered in crap and was munching on leaves to go with all the grass and flowers. Peace out, man.

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