We've all handed in that one assignment in school that gets handed back full of red ink. That disappointing stare from the teacher says it all when you know you've bombed that assignment.

Sometimes there's s written message from the teacher, such as; "You didn't follow directions", or "Come see me!". However, one mother is quite upset at the particular message her high school son's teacher wrote on his assignment, and now she wants action. ABCNY is reporting that a Panama City, Florida mother is especially angry at the wording on the assignment:

WTF is this? Absolutely no credit"

WJHG says the mom isn't so much upset at the no credit part, it's the "F" in "WTF", and what it stands for, that got her all riled up.

I think for sure she needs to be reprimanded, I believe that something should be placed in her file.

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