The prospective student has a very special connection to the Poughkeepsie college and the touching moment was captured on film.

Being accepted into a college or university is something that most people never forget. It truly is one of those life-changing moments and it starts the path of becoming an adult for most young people. Thankfully because of technology, we can film and capture these beautiful moments and this allows the whole world to see them too.

One student received a HUGE surprise from the college she applied to and it's a moment she will never forget.

What special Hudson Valley college acceptance went viral?

Marist Facebook Page/Google Maps/Canva
Marist Facebook Page/Google Maps/Canva

I personally think all college acceptances should be done this way now.

The President of Marist College Kevin Weinman surprised a perspective student with a video call and she was told by the president that her application was "outstanding in every way". President Weinman then let her know she was accepted into the college and will be part of the Class of 2028. WOOO HOOOOOO.

Right after the announcement he instructed her to go to the front door and look....

The famous Red Fox Marist Mascot was there waiting for her and gave her the acceptance letter. You can tell by her face how excited she was, but there's another reason for the surprise video call...

Marist Facebook Page/Google Maps/Canva
Marist Facebook Page/Google Maps/Canva

Marist was proudly accepted into Marist College. Yes Marist (the girl in the video) shares the same name with the college, how cute. President Weinman said "he was really excited that they had an applicant with the name Marist".  A name says al ot and I think everything was meant to be with Marist's future plans and school choice.

***WARNING: it will make you shed a few tears, but here's the full video,

Congrats Marist, what an incredible accomplishment. Enjoy your time at Marist and have the best time. Big props to Marist for the awesome acceptance surprise and for making this moment so special.

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