For those about to rock, in this case, absolutely no one's saluting you.

A New York state man is accused of throwing a rock that went through the window of the town's police department. Officials say this led to a brief chase on the suspect's bicycle, that ended with the suspect taking a swing at officers with a pipe.

New York State Man Allegedly Threw Rock at Police Department 

WKTV says that a 43-year-old man riding a bicycle allegedly threw a rock through the front door window of the Rome Police Department. The alleged incident happened Monday morning, right after 8:30.. WKTV says the man rode off on his bicycle after allegedly tossing the rock, with police hot in pursuit.

If this man wanted their attention, he sure got it. However, as police quickly caught up with the peddling suspect, things took a sudden turn.

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Police say the man swung at them with a pipe, in an attempt to "strike the officers". Rome Police said as a  struggle ensued to subdue the man, officers located an "unsheathed knife" in the suspect's pocket. As of yet, police have not released a motive for the incident.


The suspect was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest and menacing, according to police.

Clean Up at the Precinct 

Imagine having to deal with this at your job? Some unfortunate soul was tasked with having to clean up quite a disgusting mess inside the vestibule of a police station lobby back in the spring of 2022.

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There isn't too much information on the matter as of now. But rest assured, the outcome was pretty gross. One New York state man faced accusations of relieving himself in a public place.

Probably not the brightest idea that they allegedly did this inside a police station.

WKTV is reporting that a 35-year-old was caught urinating and defecating inside the lobby of a police station around 12:15 PM in late April. Police said they immediately took him into custody and brought him to the booking area of the station. One bit of positive news is that police didn't have to bring him very far, for they were obviously already inside the police station where they work when this clown decided to take a crap on the floor.

The suspect has been charged with disorderly conduct and exposure of a person.

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