Airport security and customs agents always have to be on the lookout. They'll find everything from drugs, weapons, counterfeit bills, and other assorted contraband during any given week, as suspects will use any methods necessary to get them on the next flight out.

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But sometimes the stories of how these suspects choose to smuggle their goods onboard are just bizarre. In this case, the suspect simply said he didn't know they were even there to begin with.

Man Allegedly Busted With Loaded Diaper

The Post Standard says that a man allegedly was caught with seventeen bullets inside a disposable baby diaper at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. The Transportation Security Administration says the loaded diaper set off an alarm at an airport security checkpoint, as the man was attempting to board a flight bound for Chicago.

The Standard says that the man from Arkansas at first said he didn't know how the bullets got into the diaper. Authorities say he then changed his story and blamed his girlfriend for putting the bullets in the diaper, for whatever reason.

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Port Authority Police cited the passenger for unlawful possession of the 9mm ammunition.

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New York State Woman Tried to Bring Knives on Flight by Hiding Them in Star Wars Toy

The Force was apparently not with this one.

With TSA agents always on the lookout for suspicious activity at our airports, one New York state woman allegedly devised a creative way to get two knives by security on a recent flight out of Philadelphia International Airport.

WHAM says the knives were actually sewn into the back of a stuffed animal for children. The mother says the toy was meant to comfort her 9-year-old son, who was flying with her.

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WHAM says the Star Wars Darth Vader teddy bear triggered an alarm when it went through the security checkpoint X-ray machine. Officials had noticed that the toy had been manipulated somehow and re-stitched.

it was never clear why the woman from Cortland would use her child's toy to try to smuggle knives onto a flight. However, it is safe to say that many would find her lack of faith quite disturbing.

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