Reflecting pools are often found at memorials, as they help provide a "calmness and serenity" for those who are visiting. The peace surrounding the waters creates a sense of tranquility, and allows visitors to separate themselves from the noise and chaos of the outside world.

Obviously, swimming is never permitted in pools such as these.

However, a very scary incident unfolded Monday afternoon, as police say a man in Manhattan threw himself into one of the largest manmade waterfalls in North America.

Man Throws Self Into 9/11 Memorial Waters 

A spokesperson for the New York Port Authority says an "apparently emotionally disturbed person" jumped into one of the reflecting pools at the 9/11 Memorial early Monday afternoon.

The Daily Mail says the man hurled himself 30 feet into the square basin of the memorial, before sliding 20 feet further down the "central void" near the middle of the water.

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Police told the New York Daily News that they are not exactly sure why the man jumped in, though they don't believe this has anything to do with politics or the recent unfolding crisis in Israel.

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum website says that the two pools, which are each nearly an acre in size, are the focal point of the memorial, as they sit in the "footprints of the former North and South Towers."

9/11 Memorial in New York City

These pictures from the 9/11 Memorial in New York serve as a somber reminder of that tragic day in 2001

Gallery Credit: Danny Merrell

Offcials told NBC News that the 33-year-old man was taken to Bellevue Hospital for the non-life-threatening injuries, and charges are pending.

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