Because of a sales slump, Macy's announced today that they will be closing 40 under-performing stores across the country.

U.S. News & World Report says that Macy's will close down the stores in the early part of next year. The department store chain says it expects the locations to have a combined revenue of $300 million.

Macy's hasn't announced which stores will be closing, but local workers would be forgiven if they are a bit nervous. A&P recently announced the closure of several supermarkets in the area, with layoffs expected in the coming months.

The good news for current Macy's employees is that the company claims that they may offer positions at nearby locations, and any workers that are laid off will be offered severance packages.

Long time residents of the Hudson Valley probably remember that Macy's was originally a G Fox store that switched over to a Filene's in the 1990's before becoming a Macy's.

Do you still shop at Macy's? Will you be upset if they decide to close their locations in the Hudson Valley?