There's a way to air your grievances and settle disputes, and then you have stuff like this. A Westchester man allegedly made an absolute mess of a local police station over the weekend, and now he's facing a number of felonies. This got quite ugly. ABC is reporting that the 26-year-old suspect entered the Tuckahoe police station Saturday, armed with a bat, and proceeded to cause extensive property damage during his bat-fueled rampage.

ABC says that the man caused damage to five out of six patrol vehicles, and also destroyed several memorial wreaths. Police say they know the suspect quite well in town, as he's had numerous run-ins with law enforcement, according to ABC. Officials say the damage is estimated to be at least $15,000. There is no word exactly what sparked this bout of vandalism, but the now Tuckahoe police are left with picking up the mess he left behind.

It's been quite the week for public displays of anti-social behavior. NBC NY says that a 42-year-old Mechanicville man on a JetBlue flight out of JFK was arrested he was seen "snorting a white substance". But this bozo's mid-air entertainment didn't end just there. A video of a JetBlue crewmember shows the employee informing other passengers that the man was seen making multiple trips to the bathroom, antagonizing passengers, touching a female passenger, and refusing to put his mask on after repeatedly being told to do so. NBC says the flight had to be diverted to Minneapolis, where the man was arrested.

Then, you have the New York state woman who allegedly drove while over four times the legal limit for alcohol. We understand that this so-called pandemic fatigue may have taken its toll on some. But can we try to get through this Memorial Day weekend without killing anyone?

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