This is definitely the case where you need to hand your keys over to someone else. Police say they arrested a woman in New York state over the weekend whose blood alcohol level was over four times the legal limit. There isn't too much information on the case, but witnesses say they were able to get the motorist to pull over off the side of the road. This quick-thinking just may have saved lives, for this person was absolutely in condition to be near the wheel.

Police say they responded to the call Saturday night and found the 37-year-old woman parked on the side of the road. WIVT says that the woman failed sobriety tests and blew a .33%, which is over four times the legal limit. The legal limit for alcohol is .08% in New York state. Yikes. Good thing she didn't hurt anyone or herself driving in that condition.

With Memorial Day weekend a little over a week away, police are especially on the lookout for impaired drivers on the roads. Again, if you're drinking, have a designated driver or call a cab or Uber service. It's not worth losing your license or paying a huge fine. But as we know, some folks don't always listen. In April, an alleged drunk driver went off the road, struck two parked cars, and then crashed into a house in the town of Clarkson. WHAM reports that the impact even caused a gas leak after a gas meter was damaged after the crash. Doh!

Now, the only thing worse is if you've already been busted for DWI and then get busted again. That was the case for this New York state man in March, as the Chautauqua County Sheriff says that he was actually charged with a DWI on his way to a DWI Impact Meeting. Guess he failed the class. But if you want go from stupid to just plain absurd, you've got this gentleman. In early 2020, Vermont State police said a 59 year-old man from Shelter Island, NY was arrested after he attempted to drive a vehicle up the slope of Magic Mountain in the town of Londonderry, VT. Troopers say the man “displayed indicators of impairment". Ya think?

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