A local Dairy Queen is handing out 1,000 free Blizzards to their customers.

Usually this time of year we do everything we can to avoid coming in contact with a blizzard. But when that blizzard comes in a cup and is made from ice cream, it's something to celebrate.

A Hudson Valley Dairy Queen owner will be handing out 1,000 free Blizzards this month in exchange for downloading a new information app he developed. The QtextA app allows users to ask questions that are answered by real people. Don Frost, the owner of Dairy Queen in Middletown, says in a press release that he came up with the idea for the app after posting questions online and being frustrated by receiving such little response. Frost says "artificial intelligence can't be relied on for the kind of everyday advice and recommendations that come with human experience."

Of course, an app that depends on user interaction is hard to launch when only a few people are using it, so Frost decided to leverage his position as DQ owner to encourage people to try out the new technology.  Customers who download QtextA will get a free mini Blizzard of their choice. Frost hopes the promotion will encourage people to try out the new app and also bring some new customers to his store.

Currently, QtextA is only available for the iPhone, but desktop and Android versions are in the works. For more information on getting your free Blizzard, you can visit the Middletown DQ on James P Kelly Way off of Route 17M.